Violence Interruption Programme 

The PMI Western has implemented an initiative called the Violence Interruption Programme which aims to target “hardened” gang members, considered to be highest risk community members, as well as associate gang members into the Citizens Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) which offers a range of options for the participants.

The Violence Interruption programme was modeled from the Cure Violence programme based in Chicago USA, which treats violence as a disease that requires remedy before it becomes epidemic.

The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to the reduction of conflict and to the building of sustained peace in communities affected by violence or threat of group violence.  The specific Violence Interruption Programmes services are:

  • Identifying and detecting potential shooting events
  • Identifying and detecting individuals and groups at highest risk of involvement of shooting or killing
  • Interrupting potential violence by mediating conflicts and preventing retaliation
  • Changing behaviours and norms of those at highest risk of involvement of shooting or killing
  • Using data to inform daily efforts and make necessary changes to interruption strategies

The programme is currently in a pilot phase in twenty communities in two of our two most troublesome parishes which are St. Catherine and St. James.


Child Transformation Programme

The Ministry of National Security and the Citizens Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) through the Peace Management Initiative Western (PMI) has put into action a number of  initiatives to prevent and reduce crime and violence in some inner-city communities in  St. James and Westmoreland.

Under the community action component of the PMI Western, a number of violence prevention services are delivered to these  residents. These services include: parenting education, leadership training, organizational development, infrastructure improvement, skills training and life skills education.

This programme intends to:

  • Reduce the impact of  shootings and  homicide;
  • Build self esteem in those who have been victims of shootings and  homicide;
  • Engage families involved in or impacted by shootings and homicide;
  • Change the social norms of families and;
  • Engage at risk children.

 The programme is currently being rolled out in the community of Salt Spring and aims to target:

  • Children and parents living in Salt Spring;
  • Children aged 5 - under 15 who have been exposed to violence and who have been victims of violence whether mentally or physically;
  • Schools in Salt Spring and;
  • Parents/care givers who have experienced violence.

The following components will be delivered throughout the duration of the programme:

  • Homework Programme;
  • Drama/Expressive arts;
  • Poetry and song;
  • Game/Sports;
  • Therapy;
  • Life skills;
  • Parenting training;
  • Coping skills.


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