About Us

The Peace Management Initiative Western was established in 2004 in response to the upsurge of violence in volatile communities in St. James. 

The PMI Western employs three major strategies in the execution of its work.  These strategies are preventive, interventive and collaborative.

The objective of the PMI Western is to ensure peace and stability for all who work, live and play in Western Jamaica. We achieve this by delivering a range of services and projects which promote peace. Some of our objectives are:

  1. To detect and manage potentially explosive, criminal or violent situations communities and
  2. To work towards defusing conflict and violence by:
  • Direct intervention in conflicts which have arisen in communities;
  • Delivering services towards Violence Interruption as contracted by the Ministry of National Security;
  • Working proactively to prevent conflict arising to the level of violence;
  • Strengthening civic associations that provide stability, sustainable development, security and pride;
  • Working with communities to develop a sense of belonging and better understanding among members of the community;
  • Working with relevant agencies to provide a range of social support and infrastructural services to communities;
  • Working to improve relationship between Police and citizens to build mutual respect;
  • Setting up an early warning mechanism to detect any potentially explosive, criminal or violent situation in a community and; 
  • Providing Social Worker and counselling support services to communities.


Introducing the PMI Western Board

Rev. Everton Jackson

Vice Chairman:
Pastor Richard Keane

Board Secretary:
Ms. Berlin Roper

Board Members:

Mr. Norman Brown
Mrs. Mary Chambers Hector
Mrs. Debbian Dalley
Rev. Godfrey Francis
Mr. Joshua Gordon
Ms. Ivel Mc Lean
Ms. Veronica Morris
Mr. Aldin Bellinfantie
Ms. Gabrielle Lee 
Ms. Doreen Bernard
Rev. Canon Justin Nembhard
Mr. George Powell
Rev. Glendon Powell
Ms. Georgia Rose
Pastor Glen Samuel
Mr. Junior Taylor
Mr. Lenox Wallace
Mrs. Patricia James
Mr. Horace Morrison

Programme Coordinator/Administrator: 
Mrs. Sheila Pryce-Brooks